How to Intuitively Interpret Your Dreams 

A simple and practical approach to awaken to the answers, wisdom and sacred experiences in your dreams. 



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  • Why you can’t remember your dreams

  • My framework to working intuitively with your dreams. An inside look at my process to working with dreams effectively.

  • Why not all dreams are alike and why symbology doesn't always work and how to fix it

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Ever since (a couple of days ago), I saw your explanation of how dreams work…not only I’m dreaming beautiful dreams, I’m also remembering (almost) every detail very vividly the next morning.

- A.N.

Hi, I'm Nat

I’ve spent over two decades of my life in dedication to spiritual practices, including meditation and dream experience interpretation; prioritizing the integration of spiritual principles, tools, and techniques in my everyday life. From the age of seventeen, up until his death when I was thirty-four, I lived and worked with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger (J-R), who personally taught and guided me in living a life of greater spiritual awareness. For many of those years, I lived on a Vow of Poverty, assisting J-R in many aspects of his work including his overseeing of multiple non-profit organizations he founded. In the last ten years, I co-founded and ran a successful fine jewelry company until selling it and moving into the work I do now.

I was blessed to live with and be a student of this great spiritual being. He showed me what it meant to have someone who is there for you, someone who has already been through it, someone who has your back and who will love you no matter what. As a way to honor him, I want to be there for others, supporting them in their greater spiritual awakening.

If you really want to use your dreams for intuitive guidance, but you have no idea how to get started.

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